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Denise Austin Workout DVD
10 Five-Minute Target Toners
Denise Austin Workout DVD

Denise Austin Workout DVD features 10 target toners of only 5-minutes each to customize your perfect workout. You’ll treat yourself to a magnificent total-body toning workout that targets your upper- and lower-body, as well as your midsection to shed inches and sculpt a lean, strong and healthy body. The best part is, these incredibly effective target toners can be combined to worked individually to customize routines that sit your body -sculpting goals as well as your mood. So get target toning and get fit fast!

Denise Austin Workout DVD Includes:

10 TARGET TONERS - Only 5 Minutes each: Ab chiseler, Thigh trimmer, Chest firmer, Back sculptor, Arm shaper, Shoulder definer, Hip slimmer, Inner-thigh tightener, Waist cincher, and Bun lifter. DVD also includes a 5-minute warm-up and cool-down to complete your toning workout! You will need a set of hand weights and a chair.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Full Screen Version, Custom Workout Interactive System

Fitness Level: Intermediate
60 Minutes



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