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Denise Austin Boot Camp DVD
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Denise Austin Boot Camp DVD

The Denise Austin Boot Camp DVD lets you give those extra pounds the boot once and for all. Denise serves as your personal “Drill Sergeant” and will help you transform your body into a fat-burning furnace with dynamic intervals of punches, kicks and power drills. You’ll sculpt a champion body with Denise’s unique blend of cardio, strength training and FUN!

Denise Austin Boot Camp DVD Includes:

CARDIO BOOT CAMP: a 20-minute, high-energy workout that interchanges short bursts of cardio with longer workout periods that combine kickboxing, sports drills and calorie-crunching calisthenics!

STRENGTH BOOT CAMP: a 20-minute workout that alternates strengthening exercises (using hand weights) with heart-pounding cardio boosts to incinerate fat and keep your heart-rate soaring!

FLEXIBILITY SEGMENT: a 10-minute series of active, isolated stretching moves and techniques designed to improve your posture, flexibility and overall athletic performance.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Full screen version, Scene Index, Custom Workout Interactive Option

Fitness Level: Intermediate
50 Minutes

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