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Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast 2
Cardio Dance & Sculpt DVD
Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast 2 DVD

Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast 2 DVD lets you have a blast as you rev up your metabolism and slim down your waistline. Denise fine-tunes your body into a fat-burning machine. This high-energy workout features calorie-burning exercises to slim, tone and stretch your entire body, using the most effective exercise tool of all: Fun!

Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast 2 Includes:

CARDIO: Mambo your metabolism into gear with this 20-minute, fun, fat-burning dance workout! The cardio “house party” blasts away calories as you twist and shake your body slim. Enjoy yourself as you watch the fat disappear!

STRENGTH: Sculpt your muscles at a heart-pumping tempo with this 20-minute strengthening workout! This segment uses hand weights to shape the arms, chest and shoulders, while working the core to slim the abs, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

STRETCH: Complete your total-body training with an essential 5-minute warm-up to prepare your body to work out, as well as a 5-minute cool down designed to improve flexibility and posture by lengthening and stretching your entire body.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Full Screen Version, Scene Index, Interactive Menus, Denise Austin Trailer.

Fitness Level: Intermediate
50 Minutes

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