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Get Fit Daily Dozen
Denise Austin DVD: Get Fit Daily Dozen

The Denise Austin DVD: Get Fit Daily Dozen gives you a new workout for every day. With 12 easy exercises in 12 minutes a day, you can get and stay fit with a program that fits your schedule. This slim-quick system includes five 12-minute workouts with a different move for every minute to trim and tone from head to toe. It's never been easier or more fun to get your daily dose of exercise!

- Monday Cardio-Athletic Fat Blast (12 Min.)
- Tuesday Lower Body Sculpt/Abs (12 Min.)
- Wednesday Cardio Kickbox Burn (12 Min.)
- Thursday Upper Body Sculpt/Abs (12 Min.)
- Friday Cardio-Athletic Fat Blast or Cardio Kickbox Burn (12 Min.)
- Sat. & Sun. Yoga Stretch (12 Min.)

Fitness Level: Intermediate
60 Minutes

$14.99 12.99


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